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Analyze results based on promoters and detractors to predict future growth

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Measure Customer Satisfaction to Predict Business Growth

Customers are essential to the success of any business. Review Kitty's unique solution collects customer feedback using key questions, and provides straightforward analytics that help to predict business growth.

Direct and immediate feedback at the point of interaction

Use of key metrics to respond to market changes

Focuses on core assessments to establish strategic growth plans

Identifies areas of opportunity based on negative assessments

Review Kitty

Not Your Average Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are many customer surveys on the market to choose from, but only Review Kitty’s solution use key questions to calculate easy-to-understand and effective scores that can help to determine a business’s future growth.

Focuses on key questions

Analysis using Review Kitty's proprietary algorithm

Simple but effective and meaningful results

Emphasis on future growth measurements

Customer’s 10-second Experience

Review Kitty
No Mobile Apps Needed

The customer should be able to quickly and conveniently submit feedback. App installation is not required for submissions, and can be completed under 10 seconds.

Review Kitty
On-Site Evaluation

Receive feedback prior to the customer leaving a site. This allows for more accurate scoring and the ability to address negative feedback before the customer leaves.

Review Kitty
Quick Questionnaire

The core questions used by Review Kitty algorithms do not burden customers with complicated and time-consuming forms. Our surveys take only seconds to complete!

Review Kitty

Continuous Feedback

Continuous customer feedback is crucial to a business’s success. Feedback allows businesses to proactively respond to customer needs and market changes. The data that continuous feedback yields allows businesses to make relational comparisons over time, and view trends to predict customer churn.

Accurate feedback, delivered in real-time

Easy to understand reports based on an NPS rating

Improve operations by understanding the source behind customer behavior changes

Quickly identify, and address, areas of opportunity

Leverage historical data to plan for the future

Opportunity to troubleshoot instantly

Review Kitty

Maintain Brand Standards

Markets are competitive and customers are presented with endless options to meet their needs. The ability to establish baselines that allow you to maintain brand standards and set goals will give you a competitive advantage in meeting those needs.

Granular indicators that all products or services meet brand standards

Evaluation analysis by brand, service, or item

Market comparisons based on industry standards

Forecasting future growth of brands through brand-wide data

Predictive reporting to prevent any site from falling behind

Review Kitty

Uses the Latest in Everyday Technology

High tech devices are part of everyday life and customers are rarely without them. Review Kitty’s proprietary solution leverages that technology to make it easier than ever to garner customer feedback. No app is required for customer use and the manager’s app is intuitive. Gain actionable insights without excessive clicks.

Convenient, easy reporting using a smartphone

Customer friendly submission using QR codes

Smart notification capabilities with defined alert criteria

Real-time data accessibility from anywhere at anytime

It's easier than ever to monitor customer satisfaction and measure your store growth.

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